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Situated in the lap of Himalayas, IIT Mandi is one the finest technical institute for students to spend their undergraduate years. While broad academics and innovative curriculum is one strong focus of the institute, extra co circulars like sports, club activities and events, inter college competitions, fests are all given due importance. Owing to the enthusiastic student community, a lot of new ideas, projects, and events of different scales are executed every year. Overall, the undergraduate experience is one its kind and most cherished experience of students life.

Message from Dean (Students)

Student life is about learning: not only one's academic subjects and course material, but also learning to adapt and thrive in the world, make life-long friends, and acquire skills and values. The office of the Dean Students at IIT Mandi is engaged in helping students learn -- in every sense of the term -- to the best of their ability.... The IITs have a strong tradition of encouraging students to take an active part in the life of the community. Thus, students come to organize workshops, lectures, tutorials, extra-curricular events, leisure time activities, and notably major cultural and technical festivals. The undisputed success of these events in an index of the growing self-confidence and self-reliance with which students team go about organizing them. Imperceptibly, these engagements contribute to the professionalization of the prospective engineer. If one has to answer the question how engineers come to think like engineers, the answer unerringly points to such opportunities outside the class room to articulate one's ideas, to share common goals, and to pursue them with meticulous teamwork.

Dean (students)

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