Social Consciousness

Servitude is the attribute of tomorrow's leaders. At IIT Mandi we take this very seriously, applying our knowledge to help our community is one of the best contributions to our education. Thus, students at IIT Mandi are encouraged to help the local communities through technology innovations to tackle challenges faced by local communities.


National Service Scheme volunteers at IIT Mandi are guided towards community improvement. Through our knowledge and cumulative efforts, initiatives like Swacch Bharat Abhiyan have been successfully carried out in remote places in Kamand valley. NSS volunteers capacity-building measures have motivated hundreds of locals to build their lives on a sound footing. Our NSS volunteers have also provided modern learning techniques for their future endeavours. The main goal of our NSS volunteers is to learn for the community by giving it to the community.


Interactive Socio Technical Practicum (ISTP) is a course unde the Design and innovation stream and offered for 3rd year B.Tech Students. ISTP exposes students to the complex interactions of technology and society. It equips the students with the tools and skills to systematically understand and evaluate these interactions. On a higher plane, ISTP is intended to, sensitize students with the problems around them in their society, develop a sense of responsibility by being the solution provider, nurture the qualities required to become an excellent engineer or technocrat who contributes to society in a variety of ways.