Specially for Female Students

Engineering and Scientific programmes are designed to shape professionals dedicated to developing solutions for the problems of society. And as half of our society is female, the best solutions can be expected only by making our female studients eligible professionals, which IIT Mandi is dedicated to do.

Special Invitation for Girl Students
IIT Mandi especially encourages girls to join our B.Tech. programme. Engineering is a profession dedicated to developing solutions for the problems of society. As half of society is female, it is only by having a large number of female engineers that our society will get the best solutions. From excelling in science subjects in high school to heading world-renowned hi-tech companies such as HP and Xerox, women have proved themselves as highly talented engineers. On this page, some of our female faculty members and B.Tech students tell you why IIT Mandi is a special place for them. We have special incentives for female B.Tech. students at IIT Mandi.
Special Incentives
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Student Member

ACM, IEEE or ASME student membership will be provided by the institute to female students admitted in B.Tech
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Bus Facility

Bus facility will be arranged on payment basis between Mandi and Delhi via Chandigarh at the beginning and at the end of the semester.

Female Faculty and students experiences
Devikta Sethi

Himachal Pradesh is renowned not only for its natural beauty but also for the old-world courtesies, charm and friendliness of its residents. Our campus is very much embedded in the local society, and a welcoming place for new residents. Being a small campus with under 2000 students, it is the kind of community where one can enjoy both privacy as well as valuable interaction with peers. IIT Mandi pioneered the highly successful initiative to increase female enrollment in the BTech programme across all IITs, and 20% of its 2020 BTech batch comprised women - both these facts speak volumes about the commitment of the entire campus community towards making our campus a welcoming space for women. All around you, you will see women working in fields and labs, travelling alone for work and leisure, and enjoying rich bonds of amity with friends and colleagues. We welcome you to our community of independent yet connected women!


Assistant Professor, SHSS
Dr. Arti Kashyap

Why IIT Mandi is ideal for girl students? Over the years it has been noticed that the number of girls opting for professional and technical education is on the rise, which has been most significant for India's march towards attaining the status of a holistically developed nation. The fruition of such interest have already started coming in with a girl candidate being the national topper in IIT advanced exam. In this awakening and also the pursuit of the Nation, IIT Mandi also takes pride in having some special offerings for the potential admission seeking girl candidates in addition to its unique location with very pristine and safe social surrounding along with the standards of education of IIT system. Mandi is a small town in the hills of Himalyas with a rich, peaceful, yet vibrant culture with mostly God fearing religious social set up. It is an ideal town and a safe home away from home. Additionally, IIT Mandi's unique curriculum with emphasis on hands on activities, project based learning and opportunities to do socially relevant technical courses/projects providing a platform for the girl students to outshine others by using their technical skills along with their natural skills of having sensitivity towards societal problems. As part of the curriculum, students do a course on reverse engineering in their first year itself, followed by design practicum in second year where teams of interdisciplinary nature come up with a product for solving some of the problem. In their third year they do interdisciplinary socio technical practicum where the students interact with various sections of the society, be it District Administration, NGOs, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Local people etc. to understand what are the various problems which can be solved with the help of available technology. This is an enriching experience and sensitize students towards the needs of society. IIT Mandi partner with the global studies program of WPI, Massachusetts, USA and host WPI students who participate in our third year socio technical practicum. In the fourth year of their B. Tech., students do a complete highly technical or research based B.Tech. project. IIT Mandi had its first placement session and being Faculty Advisor for the placements, I observed that the girls were the first one to get the job offers as well as higher study offers. We had about 85% overall placement with highest package being offered as 18 Lakhs pa, the placement for the girls is 100%. In fact, from the next batch also the girls have fetched internship in good companies. I believe that IIT Mandi is an ideal place for girl students to prosper in the field of their interest and look forward to see good number of girls in the upcoming batch.


Asso. Prof., SCEE and SBS, IIT Mandi
Mahima Choudhary

I am currently pursuing my 4th semester of B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering in IIT Mandi and still every morning I am a newborn amidst the range of mountains, crowning fluffy white clouds and the Uhl river flowing through the feet of these mountains. My first experience of these mighty mountains, this excited river and those puffy white clouds was some sort of a heavenly daydream. Throughout my way to the campus, this mesmerizing sight was getting more and more magical. Then, I found the very welcoming team of my seniors of Guidance and Counseling Services (GCS). They escorted me to my hostel. This was my first time to the hostel life , so I was very scared about this new challenge. Then, we had interaction with our Director. He was so welcoming. We even had our snacks with him. The next day started the 5 Week Induction Program with the morning exercises. 5WIP is the fanciest part of this journey. After 5WIP, we were introduced to the course curriculum. Even today, we can approach our seniors anytime (yes, there is no form of ragging). Sometimes, even now, our Director comes to our mess to have meal with us and talk about our life and career choices, our learning experiences. Today when I look back, I find myself more developed, more socialised and less occupied with that 5 inch screen. That couch potato can now run for 2 and half kilometers. I owe you IIT Mandi.


B.Tech 2021, EE
Kalyani Kumari

My name is Kalyani Kumari and I am pursing B.tech (CSE) in IIT Mandi . And I am going to share my experiences of IIT Mandi. IIT Mandi (Himachal Pradesh) located in laps of Himalayas and surrounded by beauty of natures. It is on the bank of river Beas. Mandi is best place for hiking and trekking loving people and also for nature loving people. Students come here to complete their education leaving their home and family. But here, I almost never missed my family because seniors and batch mates are very helpful and friendly. Seniors provides guidance to their juniors in every perspective manner. Faculty members are also very good and helpful. With such an environment you will never feel alone here. There are many things to do here. You will never feel bore. There are many clubs that you can join and learn many things. I joined shutterbugs (photography club) and S.T.A.C (astro club) and there are much more than these. There are many events that celebrated here time to time and you will get a better experience from these events. And you will get inspired by seniors and alumni of IIT Mandi. Regrading girls also this place is very good. Hostels and its environment are good. Safety measures and solution of problems are solved by care takers as quickly as possible. Girls are safe in IIT Mandi. So, over and all IIT Mandi is good place for girls as well as for any student who want to purse B.tech degree from an IIT.


B.Tech 2022, CSE