Engineering and Scientific programmes are designed to shape professionals dedicated to developing solutions for the problems of society. And as half of our society is female, the best solutions can be expected only by making our female studients eligible professionals, which IIT Mandi is dedicated to do.

Special Invitation for Girl Students

A special invitation to girls to join IIT Mandi:

IIT Mandi especially encourages girls to join our B.Tech. programme. Engineering is a profession dedicated to developing solutions for the problems of society. As half of society is female, it is only by having a large number of female engineers that our society will get the best solutions.

From excelling in science subjects in high school to heading world-renowned hi-tech companies such as HP and Xerox, women have proved themselves as highly talented engineers. On this page, some of our female faculty members and B.Tech students tell you why IIT Mandi is a special place for them. We have special incentives for female B.Tech. students at IIT Mandi.

Special Incentives :

  1. All female BTech students will get a merit scholarship including full tuition fee waiver and Rs. 1,000/- per month for all 4 years of their BTech.

  2. ACM, IEEE or ASME student membership will be provided by the institute to female students admitted in B.Tech.

  3. Bus facility will be arranged on payment basis between Mandi and Delhi via Chandigarh at the beginning and at the end of the semester.

Personal Experience of Faculty and few Female B.Tech Students

Dr. Arti Kashyap (Asso. Prof., SCEE and SBS, IIT Mandi)
Why IIT Mandi is ideal for girl students? Over the years it has been noticed that the number of girls opting for professional and technical education is on the rise, which has been most significant for India's march towards attaining the status of a holistically developed nation. The fruition of such interest have already started coming in with a girl candidate being the national topper in IIT advanced exam. In this awakening and also the pursuit of the Nation, IIT Mandi also takes pride in having some special offerings for the potential admission seeking girl candidates in addition to its unique location with very pristine and safe social surrounding along with the standards of education of IIT system. Mandi is a small town in the hills of Himalyas with a rich, peaceful, yet vibrant culture with mostly God fearing religious social set up. It is an ideal town and a safe home away from home. Additionally, IIT Mandi's unique curriculum with emphasis on hands on activities, project based learning and opportunities to do socially relevant technical courses/projects providing a platform for the girl students to outshine others by using their technical skills along with their natural skills of having sensitivity towards societal problems. As part of the curriculum, students do a course on reverse engineering in their first year itself, followed by design practicum in second year where teams of interdisciplinary nature come up with a product for solving some of the problem. In their third year they do interdisciplinary socio technical practicum where the students interact with various sections of the society, be it District Administration, NGOs, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Local people etc. to understand what are the various problems which can be solved with the help of available technology. This is an enriching experience and sensitize students towards the needs of society. IIT Mandi partner with the global studies program of WPI, Massachusetts, USA and host WPI students who participate in our third year socio technical practicum. In the fourth year of their B. Tech., students do a complete highly technical or research based B.Tech. project. IIT Mandi had its first placement session and being Faculty Advisor for the placements, I observed that the girls were the first one to get the job offers as well as higher study offers. We had about 85% overall placement with highest package being offered as 18 Lakhs pa, the placement for the girls is 100%. In fact, from the next batch also the girls have fetched internship in good companies. I believe that IIT Mandi is an ideal place for girl students to prosper in the field of their interest and look forward to see good number of girls in the upcoming batch 2013.

Akanksha Gupta (B. Tech., CSE Batch of 2012)
My experience can't be mentioned in words but for the guidance of juniors I am sharing my exceptionally good experience of one year in a nutshell. From beginning it was my dream to pursue my engineering from an IIT but I never thought that I will get an opportunity to study amidst such a beautiful nature. It was like an icing on the cake for me. The nature and environment was fantastic especially for me because I came from, a place having exactly opposite climate, Rajasthan. Mandi's climate is composite having hot summers and cold winters.Mandi is a bowl shaped table land on the banks of river Beas surrounded by high hill ranges. Talking about the hostels, safety measures are maintained in girl's hostels. Girl's hostels are at a certain height from which the scenic beauty of nature can be very well seen. IIT Mandi is the best place for those who are fond of hiking and trekking. Seniors there,are very helpful and provide full guidance to juniors.They all behave as family members. And now if you are thinking that IIT Mandi is a new IIT then I should tell you that inspite of being a new IIT its placement records are just AWESOME. So, to sum up I just want to say that if you are thinking to join IIT Mandi, it will be a worth decision and you will never ever regret it.

Shreya Tangri (B. Tech., EE Batch of 2012)
IIT MANDI is situated in the lap of shivalik range of Himalayas with river Beas flowing nearby majestically, which adds to its scenic beauty and calm and serene atmosphere. It is surrounded by snow clad mountains which are a treat to watch. Though in its nascent stage, the institute has come up very well and is occupying a respectable place in the eyes of the public. The institute, in a comparatively backward region of Himachal Pradesh, provides ample opportunity to the students to acquire higher knowledge. Girls specially have come to benefit the most as earlier it was considered to be a risk to send them at a far off place. It has provided them an opportunity to open up, acquire higher qualifications and compete in life. It was indeed a thrilling and ecstatic moment when I learnt of my admission in IIT Mandi and that too in the trade of my choice i.e Electrical. Out of four hundred, students only 50 are girls. This in a way is good as it generates a feeling of competitiveness among girls to outdo boys. On our orientation day, our seniors welcomed us very nicely. There was no ragging and friendly atmosphere was pervading. I was very much over whelmed by their demeanor and courteous behavior. This drove away our fears from being treated shabbily. They guided us how to fill relevant forms for submission to IIT authorities. There is a guidance and career counseling group (GCS) in our college which provides mentors to solve the problem of freshers and others. This is a unique feature. Our college caters for cultural and technical activities such as electronics club,E-club, astro club, energy and programming club, publicity and development club, where the entry of girls is just like wild card entry. I joined electrical and astro clubs, but now I have been given the responsibility of being the coordinator of publicity and distribution department. It is really amusing to work in that capacity and learn new things. Sports also occupy a pride of place in our curriculum. For the first time, IIT MANDI got its basketball team for girls, coach was provided for us and we participated in inter IIT sports meet at IIT ROORKEE where sportsmen from other institutes gathered and stayed together. This was really a wonderful experience for me. Girls have got more chances of excelling in sports too. I also got a chance for participating in various cultural activities like EXODIA, foundation, and hostel day celebrations. In EXODIA, I was in hospitality group where interaction with seniors made me wiser. During flash mob of IIT MANDI in Indira market Harika started the ball rolling and the rest followed. I love hills and when I learnt that trekking was organized once a month, I was amused and excited. Trekking generates a feeling of togetherness, self-discipline and it provides a hilarious experience with captivating natural beauty. Even director sir used to go trekking with us and we really enjoyed with him. Our hostel is situated on a hill near faculty residences thus providing high security, used to play badminton with us as our hostel is having a badminton court and our hostel warden is polite, caring and friendly who was ever anxious to help us. Our requirements were taken care of by the caretaker- Ms. Meenakshi. Accommodation was big room with attached washroom. Our mini mess was amazing, food and service was good. During exams night out with friends is real fun as first time when we go out of home, we have to study with others and that is enjoyable moment. Wi-Fi facility in the hostel was very useful. Girl students had a privilege of not paying hostel fee for first ten months. A word of praise for my seniors who extended all help to me in studies, cleared my concepts and solved any vexed problem. I am lucky to get into IIT MANDI.