Research Interests

Vegetation Mapping & Topographical Correction of Satellite Images (Completed)

Thesis Supervisor: Dr. S. K. Katiyar

Summary : M.Tech thesis titled “Vegetation Mapping from Remotely Sensed Satellite Data Using Indices & Analysis of Topographic Correction Methods”, submitted. It includes vegetation mapping from Landsat 8 satellite data using vegetation indices, preparation of maps showing vegetation distribution, estimation of vegetation phenological cycle from time series of satellite data and comparative analysis of topographic correction methods in aspects of vegetation mapping.

I also have an interest in following fields.

  • Vegetation Indices and Analysis
  • Vegetation Phenology using MODIS Satellite data
  • Stereo Satellite data processing
  • WebGIS
  • Natural Hazards and Meteorology
  • Cryosphere

GIS & Mathematical Modelling for Landslide Hazard Zonation (Ongoing)

Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Dericks P. Shukla

Summary : The adverse impacts of climate change on developing countries have been highly consequential. High magnitude flash floods and increased rains has been one of the pertinent causes of extensive landslides which accounts for around 4.89% of the globally occurring natural disasters during the last two decades. Landslides are quite frequent along the tectonically active Himalayan region. Hazard zonation forms a critical factor for effective landslide management and is used as a tool for planning mitigation measures. Preparation of the landslide hazard map requires the analysis of most determining factors that leads to soil failure.