IITs welcome female rank-holders in JEE (Advanced) 2021

Note: This page is only for female candidates. Male candidates may visit https://www.jeeadv.ac.in/

Congratulations on your earning a rank in the prestigious JEE(Advanced) 2021. You may be wondering what it is like being a girl student in an IIT. Here you will find contact information of faculty and B.Tech female students and alumni whom you can talk to for advice on the B.Tech or 4-5 year UG programmes at IITs. Contact information is given lower down in this page.

Starting this year IITs are reaching out to female candidates to encourage them to take admission at an IIT. We strongly encourage you to fill in a large number of choices for different branches in many IITs. This will increase your chance of getting a seat allotment so that you benefit from the unique IIT education.

Here are some reasons why you should choose an IIT.
1. IITs offer a wholesome academic environment which is far superior to any other institutes in India. An IIT B.Tech programme trains you for the fast-changing world of the future in which branch is not important.
2. You may aspire to a particular branch or a particular IIT but are offered some other branch or IIT. IITs have flexible curricula that permit you to take some courses outside your allotted branch. The faculty, syllabus, the teaching and the lab facilities are comparable in all IITs. If you have passion and work hard, you can excel in any branch and in any IIT.
3. With faster and more reliable transport, reaching even distant IITs has become easier and safer. Undergraduate students get long vacations during which you can visit your hometown. So, distance need not be a major factor while taking a decision.
4. All IITs are residential campuses which ensures a safe stay for all students especially girls.

We would be happy to answer any queries you may have related to IITs.

Disclaimer: Please note that getting admission to an IIT would depend on your rank, choice filling and seat allocation. Making enquires does not guarantee admission. Please note that the final decision of choices is yours.

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