Grievance Redressal Committee

  • (1) Senior Professor of IIT Mandi (nominated by Dean (Acad)) - Chair
  • (2) Chairperson of the respective school - Member
  • (3) One female faculty (nominated by Dean (Acad)) - Member
  • (4) GCS Counselor - Member
  • (5) Associate Dean (Research) - Member Secretary

  • Dean (Academics) has been authorized to nominate the members.

Terms for committee members:

  • Committee will address only such grievance of research scholars which relate to their research/TA/project supervisor(s) or course instructor in which he/she is registered and affect their progress in research or course work.
  • Member Secretary will receive the grievance from M.Sc., M.S., M.Tech., Ph.D., I-Ph.D. students and will initiate the process for its redressal.
  • If any of the committee members is named in the grievance submitted by student, then a suitable alternate person will be nominated by the Dean (Academics).
  • The tenure of the nominated committee members will be for two years.
  • The committee shall meet as and when required and may invite any other faculty, if required.

The following members of the committee are nominated:

  • 1. Prof. Ramesh Oruganti                                       (Chair)
  • 2. Chairperson of the respective School            (Member, Ex-officio)
  • 3. Dr. Aditi Halder                                                    (Member)
  • 4. GCS Counselor                                                   (Member) (Member, Ex-officio)
  • 5. Associate Dean (Research)                              (Member Secretary, Ex-officio)

Specially for Girl Students

  • IIT Mandi encourages girl students to join it's different programmes.

    Special Incentives for Female B.Tech. students:

    Scholarship is provided to all female students admitted to B.Tech. in the first year. The scholarship will include free boarding and lodging plus a stipend of Rs. 1,000 per month for 10 months. Female students of only Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering receive this scholarship in the second year. ACM, IEEE or ASME student membership will be provided by the institute to female students admitted in B.Tech.