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    I'm Mohana

    Currently a master's student at IIT Mandi. I work in the domains of Computer Vision and Learning.

    Connect with me to discuss ideas, provide suggestions or just drop words of support, if you'd like. Thanks!

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Strengthening fundamentals in hopes of being able to make a difference in the vast sea of scientific research. Keywords: Image Compression, Deep Learning, Computer Vision

Lucky enough to be working from the lap of the Himalayas, and under the guidance of Dr. Renu Rameshan.

Spent four blissful years (2013-2017) pursuing bachelors in computer science and engineering. Keywords: Computer Science, Data Structures & Algorithms, Discrete Mathematics, Automata Theory & Formal Languages, etc. Also spent some wonderful time playing basketball and making friends for life.

(2011-2013). Fell in love with Mathematics, made bonds stronger than CO.

(1999-2011)All Saints, Strive and Prevail.



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