Why IIT Mandi

Visionaries, leaders and inventors owe their inspiration to nature's calm dynamism. Embraced by the lush green foot hills of Shivaliks and perennially flanked by the waters of the Uhl river, Indian Institute of Technology Mandi offers to provide some of the brightest minds in the country effective technical education in a peaceful natural setting, thereby encouraging them to become the much demanded application scientists and engineers. Besides, a pollution free ambiance and pleasant weather act as healthy stimulants to body and mind. IIT MANDI is aimed at novel, innovative mechanisms and modern technologies for learning and education, unlike the predefined strategies of other IITs. Nevertheless, the institute has been keenly incorporating the rich curriculum and technical know-how of the family of IITs in our country.

IIT MANDI has well planned and constructed infrastructure comprising of spacious, well-ventilated classrooms that can support modern education technologies like video conferencing, projectors, e-learning, laboratories for different disciplines and sufficient modern equipments, computer centers with 24 hours high speed Internet connection, a library with a number of books on academics, a recreational library for non-academic books, e-books, journals, multipurpose halls, hostels, hygienic bathrooms and rooms for indoor activities. The institute is in the process of recruiting highly qualified and experienced faculty which would be enthusiastic to teach and interact with the cream of the Indian youth. A number of cells for co and extra-curricular interests of the students like Web Development Team(WDT), music, choreography, magazine, etc. are present.

The town of Mandi has well established road transport. Also the nearest airport at Kullu is just an hour away from Mandi. The campus will have vigilant and efficient security arrangements. The first and the second batch of students will strive to provide proper guidance and help to the successive batches besides extending a welcoming ARM (Anti-Ragging Movement).

IIT MANDI, with such high attributes is ready to work towards human goodness and will take up this task not as a duty but as a mission.

  • Since we are the newly developing IIT, we don’t have bindings of old cultures,rocklined customs and set traditions to be followed, rather we have a say in every field. We can set our own trends and customs as per the requirements of rapidly changing world, instead of blindly following the decade old, frozen cultures.
  • The expert guidance and efficient planning of the better half of the director i.e. Mrs. PrescillaGonsalves always gives the girls of IIT MANDI, their role model to be followed. Her sincere efforts 24 hours a day and 7 days a week bear fruits for our betterment in the form of BOOK NOOK, FRENCH TUTORIALS, and SALUTING WOMANHOOD.
  • Since the number of students is lesser comparatively, the girls get the best of their opportunities to excel in all the fields. Personal care and lots of motivation and guidance by the teachers as well as the director makes the girls to explore themselves and outshine boys when and where possible.
  • In IIT MANDI, situated on the bank of river Beas and touching the footsteps of The Himalayas, the transition from a minor to a responsible citizen is not at all difficult since you never feel like being away from home. We play in the lap of nature, dance under the rain and work hard under the expert guidance of top notch faculty of this prestigious institute.