Technical Society

The Technical Society are a group of eight technical clubs with varied interests ranging over different segments of engineering. We together form science and technology council of IIT MANDI, popularly known as S&TC. Since our advent, we have carried a vision of turning science as a hobby to passion. And, we at S&TC constantly strive towards this goal.

We at S&TC aim to contribute to the vision of IIT MANDI i.e. to be a leader in science and technology and in this strive of ours ; we seek your support and participation. So, pick up a club which fascinates you and join with us!

Energy Club:As a part of the Science and Technology Society of IIT MANDI, the Energy Club plays a crucialrole in the field of mechanical engineering. Its aim was to focus on developing green and effective energy methods. It organised several activities and participated in various award winning competitions like CAD, MechFest'14 under which Stick-O-Bridge, Save the egg and Junkyard Wars. It was instrumental in setting up of SAE collegiate society in IIT Mandi.

which is now accelerating towards the completion of formula car for SAE SUPRA 2014Another team of 5 participated in IIT Roorkee's fest Cognizance. Also, a team represented IIT Mandi in the first INTER IIT Technical Meet 2013 held at IIT Kanpur. They undertook various projects like a portable bicycle equipped with GPS navigation and offline maps of surrounding local areas and a small scale wirelessly controlled car powered by a 3cc IC engine.

Mad Club: Mobile Application Development (MAD) works with a vision of enhancing applicant development stills of students at IIT Mandi. Mobile application development club conducted various activities including open house app development with over five registered teams. It also organized Talks and help sessions on Application development techniques and concepts which included Interaction with the club members on Ideas, Best Practices and Strategies in App Development Process. This club also organized an event " APPTITUDE" in Exodia'14 with prize worth Rs.2000. This club is going to various projects including time table and calendar of IIT MANDI, mess food management, kamand bus reservation, class representative app, hostel complaint app, mad club activities app.

Electronics Club: It is a club dealing with integrated circuits, electronics, microcontroller etc. Club is basically a platform to motivate all the electronics maniacs to learn, understand, implement and improve the electronic technology and turn imagination into reality producing the technological best for the society. It also conducted few activities for first year students in digital electronics. This club is undertaking several projects like 7 digit code lock, timer with audible warning, brake light monitor, dancing light or sound level indicator, clap switch, 3 gun sound generator which are in progress while electronic harmonium , listening bug , light sensitive, metal detector are already done. It also conducted a CIRCUIT HUNT in EXODIA's IIT MANDI TECHFEST and is looking forward to work on some challenging projects in the near future.

Programming Club: It is a club dedicated to competitive programming. The members of the club are responsible for organizing tutorials and competitions. During the past one year, they have organized various tutorials for the first yearites, in which the basics of C programming language was taught and introduction to the world of Competitive Programming. One team of IIT MANDI also reached the regional qualifying round of ACM-ICPC, the world's most prestigious programming competition.The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Chapter at IIT MANDI recently organised a Distinguished Speaker Program (DSP) on Monday, March 3, 2014. The speaker was Prof. Hanan Samet from Computer Science Department, University of Maryland, College Park Programming Club. Astronomy Club: Astro club, as we generally refer it here, has a powerful 125mm Binoculars, a 150mm Newtonian reflector, and the largest most powerful 300mm Dobsonian Reflector (under construction). Also the club will soon be having its own astronomical observatory. A sky gazing event was held at Aavishkar where students were shown planets like Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. ‘Saturn- The lord of the rings' was seen clearly with 300X zoom revealing the exotic rings and 3 of its moon along with constellations like Ursa major, Virgo, Ursa minor and Leo.

Robotics Club: Robotics Section, IIT MANDI is a student organization that brings together the geeks on campus. We provide everything that students need to build robots: workspace, tools, supplies, money and experienced people to answer questions and help with projects. Most of the projects are aimed at either solving day to day problems by means of smart machines or just building something incredibly awesome. Some of our recent projects and activities:

  • Color tracking robots making use of image processing techniques
  • Gesture controlled robots (an extension of 1 above)
  • Long range control systems using DTMF technology
  • Tutorials for beginners (particularly freshmen)
  • 'Robo-Gravity': a two day hands on workshop on gesture controlled robots for beginners
  • Robo-Rumble: the intra college robotics tournament of gesture controlled robots, line followers and Sumo robots.
Projects currently underway:
  • A self-balancing robot based on the inverted pendulum: This project aims at mimicking natural responses to destabilization by incorporating sensor fusion by means of Kalman filtering and smooth control through a PID controller.
  • Wall climbing robot: This project aims at developing a robot that would be useful in maintenance works like cleaning solar panel surfaces and ceilings. Other applications mainly revolve around defense and maintenance works. The designed machine consists of a wheeled robot that would be able to move freely on walls and clean them by making use of a suction pump capable of producing a low pressure region of 0.5 atm. in a cylindrical volume made of leather cups, providing a net normal force of 180N.
    TL; DR: We're a group of geeky undergrads that make and help others make robots for fun.