Student Achievements

After graduating from IIT Mandi, you can aspire to design innovative solutions for society. Examples that have radically transformed our lives over the past few decades include the Tata Nano, the Google search engine, the Re. 1 shampoo sachet, the 1p/second phone call, the Green Revolution and many others.

Leading the way at IISc and IIMs

In sync with IIT Mandi,s vision to produce professionals capable of leading efforts towards innovative products and processes, students have, yet again, won prestigious laurels for their innovative product—the robotic arm designed under the Project-Junior.

The Project-Junior is the name given to a new form of augmented reality (AR) interface developed for the computing devices by IIT Mandi students. The basic idea behind the project was to provide user with better means of interacting with the computers.


The students, brainchild bagged the second place under mechanical division at Jed-i (Joy of Engineering, Design and Innovation) project challenge, Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore, competing against 69 teams from all over India on June 14, 2013. The Jed-i project challenge is an annual event designed to identify and showcase the best final year engineering project. The project was also selected among the top 10 projects at Next Big Idea at IIM Bangalore and top rated for its potential to hit the markets in the near future.

Low Cost 3D-printer A student group of 2nd year Design Practicum have made a low cost 3-D printer based on the FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology. Compared to the existing FDM 3D printers in the market, whose operating temperature is about 3200 C, students built the 3D printer that works at 1800 C, thus incurring less cooling cost and increasing the life of the machine. The printer printed 3D objects like wrench, cylinder, IIT Mandi logo, etc. This product was given the first prize at the recently concluded Open House, 2013, and has been in the news since then.

Aavishkar 2014
On 18th May 2014, Institute witnessed the second edition of Aavishkar, Intra-college technical festival. Events were scheduled throughout the day starting with the Aavishkar Open-House, which was held in the newly inaugurated Lounge in Kamand. In the Open-House, all the clubs under Science & Technology Council (SNTC) displayed their projects. The clubs that displayed projects were Electronics Club, Astronomy Club, Robotics Section, Mobile Application Development (MAD) Club, Energy Club and Programming Club. Students, hard work was truly reflected in their projects. Few of the projects that were highly appreciated were Self Balancing Robot, Mobile Mess Feedback Application and Electronic Harmonium. After the Open-House, the Technical Society conducted Dementia (Online Coding competition) and discussions on various technical issues.
The event which ruled over all others was Star Gazing night organized by Astronomy Club. Students of Astronomy club with their Telescopes gave students a chance to see some beautiful celestial bodies. People loved the view of Saturn rings, craters on Moon, Jupiter with its three moons and lot more. This marked the end of a hectic day for SNTC. The work put in by Anand Dhandhania, Technical Secretary of IIT Mandi in organizing Aavishkar was appreciated by the Director and the Dean.
Literary Society Our students not only design and innovate in Engineering but are also active in group discussions and debates. A six-member team of the EDLS participated in Oasis, BITS Pilani 2012 and won ‘the big fight,, the formal debate competition. The 2014 edition of the Literary Magazine "Vivaan" remains a popular read among faculty and students alike.

Road to Rutas, IIT Indore
IIT Mandi does it yet again!

It is a one-of-its-kind industry simulation competition wherein participating teams are invited to play the role of companies bidding for a tender, in a virtual setting. A team would have to deal with industry like scenarios in 24 hours packed with thrilling action,where a team would face everything from clinging to deadlines, managing resources and experiencing cut-throat competition.

IIT Mandi won the first prize in this event organised by IIT Indore consecutively for two years 2010 and 2011. The team consisting of 11 members were given a scenario where there is a problematic situation (like global warming, shortage of resources, earthquake prone zones etc.) The participants have to prepare a 50- slide presentation and present a tender to build up a settlement( an alternative accommodation) for mankind such that the created settlement is for a given number of people lasting for about 150 years, shielded away from the inhospitable conditions on Earth in the given time limit of 24 hours. IIT Mandi has won the contest twice consecutively in the beginning versions of the event R2R leaving behind tough competitors like IIT Bombay, BITS Pilani, IIT Kharagpur and many others.

Treb Trouble, IIT Indore

Just don't watch out for trouble, overcome it too!
The team of four from IIT Mandi won the second prize in Treb Trouble- technical event in IIT Indore's festival Fluxus 2011. 'Treb Trouble' is a technical event based on the core engineering principles. A catapult is to be designed using the basic mechanical devices, with emphasis on range as well as accuracy. The one hitting the longest and most accurate wins. The machines were judged on the following criteria: Innovation, Materials used and cost analysis, distance, accuracy, adherence to rules, etc.

Cultural Section @ IIT Ropar
This time IIT Mandi does it culturally! The Dramatics team from IIT Mandi consisting of totally 15 members won the first prize in Yatharth, the dramatics event in the festival. The teams have to present a self composed play of about 20 minutes based on some current social problem. and the team chose to do something different and worked upon the basic problem that people face in their day to day life i.e. Bus transportation. Miss 420 was a comedy flick touching all the issues associated with this topic and it did rock IIT Ropar. The team won a prize money of Rs. 9000/-.

IIT Mandi reached upto the final round in the Music event Saaz(solo vocals) of Zeitgeist-2010, the cultural festival of IIT Ropar held during 24-25 th September, 2010. The participants have to sing a Hindi song without the aid of instruments in the prelims and can either use karaoke or instruments to support the final performance. Out of about 35 participants in the prelims, IIT Mandi was selected for the finals.


The Pan IIT Conclave 2010
An alumni meet of all the IIT's.
The Pan IIT Conclave 2010 was held in Noida, Delhi. Special events were organised as part of the event to entertain the audience. A team of 10, consisiting of 5 band members and 5 members of organisational capabilities (to setup the backup paraphernalia to help in the performance and help in as volunteers) represented IIT Mandi in the event and performed Western Rock, for which they finished third.