Sport Society

IIT Mandi has a sports council to coordinate all the sports activities. In spite of being a new IIT, the Institute has been successful in developing a firm foundation in the field of sports. Special attention is given to players by providing them with well experienced coaches and adequate facilities. Sportsmen are trained very systematically by keeping their physical fitness in mind and are encouraged to participate in various tournaments like Inter-IIT, Sangram, and other inter-college tournaments. IIT Mandi participated for the first time in a sports' event in the 46th Inter-IIT tournament held at IIT Delhi. Constant efforts are made to mantain the quality of the sports. All the efforts of the sports council are aimed at enhancing the quality of sports in the institute.

IIT Mandi provides facilities for the following sports: Football, Cricket, Badminton, Lawn Tennis (proposed), Badminton, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Chess and Swimming, at both Mandi and Kamand Campuses.

Football: The "Paddal" ground next to the transit campus in Mandi has a very good football field. An experienced coach has also been appointed. The ground is close to the first year boys' hostel and is also equipped with flood lights so that players can practice at night time also. Besides participating in the Inter-IIT Sports meets, the team also plays practice matches against the local teams. This helps in increasing the skills of players and at the same time provides them with an opportunity to interact with the local people. The team has very enthusiastic and passionate players but is also always on the lookout to induct new members to the team.

Badminton: Badminton or let us just say 'baddy', is the most popular sport in IIT Mandi. There is a wooden court near the Institute, one in the Admin building, and there are badminton courts in the academic block as well. Students are free to come to the courts at any time to have fun. A new indoor badminton court is now also operational in the Kamand campus.

Lawn Tennis (proposed): The IIT Mandi lawn tennis team made it to the quarter finals of the 46th Inter-IIT tournament held at IIT Delhi. As for now, IIT Mandi sports council is proposing to have a new lawn tennis court. Presently, there is a lawn tennis court outside the campus just a few minutes by bus. Sports council has plans to improve the facilities for this sport and is in the process of taking further actions for its development.

Table Tennis: TT is one of the most played games at IIT Mandi. Facilities for TT are available at all hostels, in the Academic Block at Mandi and in the mess at Kamand. It is a great source of fun and refreshment. The TT team has some very talented players. The team gets to play with district players which is very helpful in skill development. Our players have been performing well at the inter college and district level. Intra college and intra hostel TT tournaments are also regularly organized.

Volleyball: There are volleyball courts in the institute, the "Paddal" ground nearby and at Kamand. A coach has been appointed to help keep the skills of players up to the mark. Students are free to play volleyball at any time and it is not uncommon to find the court in use even during the lunch times and parts of the academic hours. The volleyball team is very excited about participating in more competitions and eagerly awaits to acquire new talent.

Basketball: The basketball team is one of the most disciplined and hard working sports group at IIT Mandi. Two basketball courts are presently available for use by students, one of them being very close to the Boys' hostel. Basketball players practice mostly in the "Paddal Ground" with a coach and other local players. This team is always on the lookout for new talented, disciplined and dedicated members.

Chess: Chess tournaments are a regular phenomenon in the Institute where the most strategic of brains battle it out to decide the champion. These events are a spectacle because of the air of tension and excitement around each match. Students also take part in inter-college chess tournaments and competitions.

Swimming: IIT Mandi does not provide any swimming facilities presently as it's not possible to provide all that facilities in transit campus, but we do have plans to give all the facilities in the main campus at Kamand. The sports council has decided that students will use a pool located just outside the campus, which belongs to a local academy. There are very few swimmers in IIT Mandi right now, so we eagerly look forward to welcoming new swimmers to the institute.