Opportunities with Other Academic Institutions

The Institute has developed promising research and teaching collaborations with several Institutions around the world. These collaborations have led to exchange visits by a number of Institute’s students and faculty. The existing collaborations include: Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden; the IT University, Denmark; Technical University (TU) of Stuttgart and the other 8 TU Institutions, Germany; Dublin City University, Ireland; Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), USA; HEPIA - University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland; and, the India-UK Advanced Technology Centre for research on next generation networks. The Institute has also such agreements with a few Indian Institutions. The collaboration with the IT University, Denmark has led to co-teaching of a Software Engineering course simultaneously to students located in India and Sweden. The collaboration with WPI has led to a semester-long undergraduate research project (Interdisciplinary Socio-Technical Project), in which US-IIT Mandi students work together in teams to address socio-economic issues of the local community. The Institute is also exploring future research and teaching collaborations with universities in Central America.