Mandi City

Mandi city

Mandi is 1044 meters above sea level. It is sparsely populated and has a population of around 27000 .It is interesting to note that the literacy rate here is 84%, which is higher than the national average of 79.5%, divided almost equally between the two genders. The city covers an area of 3950 sq. kms.

Also known as the "Varanasi among hills", Mandi derives its name after the great sage Mandav. Mandi is a home to a variety of religions and culture. It is certainly a place of pilgrimage for those who seek solace.

MANDI is a full- fledged city located in the valley surrounded by majestic ranges all around. The markets are all well organized and economical. The people are simple and kind-hearted.With NH-21 being the major highway, Mandi is well connected to major cities via roads.

Mandi city

Mandi is in close proximity with serene nature and has a relatively less -polluted lush green environment. It experiences temperature ranging between 25-30 degrees during summers and a min temp of 0 in winters(yet there would be no snowfall, the advantage of being in a valley).The duration between September to November is considered the most pleasant of all times . Even today the city is remembered by its historical heritage and esteemed architecture. Two major lakes Prashar and Rewalsar, and river Beas flow through this city, curved beautifully ,adding much elegance to its beauty by their clean running waters.

As IIT MANDI treads in the path of its development , would certainly bind to the ethics and valued customs of this historic city and always try to promote them among the future generations.