A special invitation to girls to join IIT Mandi:

IIT Mandi especially encourages girls to join our B.Tech. programme. Engineering is a profession dedicated to developing solutions for the problems of society. As half of society is female, it is only by having a large number of female engineers that our society will get the best solutions. From excelling in science subjects in high school to heading world-renowned hi-tech companies such as HP and Xerox, women have proved themselves as highly talented engineers. On this page, some of our female faculty members and B.Tech students tell you why IIT Mandi is a special place for them. We have special incentives for female B.Tech. students at IIT Mandi.

What Dr. Arti Kashyap says?
What Akanksha Gupta says?
What Shreya Tangri says?
What Harika Garimella says?
What Jyoti says?
What Nidhi says?
What Jyoti Lakra says?
What Apoorva Bhatia says?
What S. Bhuvaneshwari says?
What Antra says?
What Damini Singal says?
Initial experiences of the first batch of girl students, narrated by Soma.