Cultural Society

The cultural society basically, consists of four cultural clubs viz. Music Club, Choreography club, Dramatics Club, and the Photography Club. While the Program Management forms the backbone of the cultural society, managing all sorts of odds and backstage activities the other clubs typically represents various forms of fine arts and are responsible for the overall development of the institute and individuals as well.

One unique feature of the Institute's Cultural Society is that all the clubs support open participation i.e. all the students are free to join a club at any point of time. Of course, dedicated students are rewarded accordingly.

Music Club The Music club of IIT Mandi was established with the aim of encouraging, practicing and performing various genres of music (classical, western, fusion etc.). Run by highly talented members and equipped with specialized musical instruments, the section is scripting success stories in all cultural events. The fun-filled practice sessions are an icing on the cake for members as they try to learn from the mistakes made in grabbing the subtleties of a song.
The trend has continued in Mandi with mind blowing performances on Foundation Day, Independence Day, Bhawan Day etc. The section also rocked the audience in EXUBERANCE, Intra-College cultural fiesta of IIT Mandi with reverberating instrumental and vocal performances. The section also represented IIT Mandi in the PAN IIT Conclave at Noida, the Shivaratri festival at Mandi and other Inter IIT contests (finalists in IIT Ropar Cultural Fest).
The Music Club here at IIT Mandi has full range of required instruments and audio set-up including powerful feedback monitors, electric guitars, harmonium, speakers, 24 channel mixer etc.

Choreography Club:
This group has succeeded in channelizing its talents through determination and practice. The Hip-Hop & Bhangra fusion at the institute's first cultural event 'NAISSANCE' held in IIT Roorkee was well appreciated by the audience. Even more fame followed in Mandi with its enthralling shows on the Independence Day, Foundation Day, the Bhawan day etc. The section's mark at "Exuberance" with trendy Kuchipudi, foot tapping Bhangra, stylish Dabangg and the Hip Hop of the Jabbawockeez was well appreciated.

With regular guidance under professional choreographers and workshops, in future the section plans to perform and compete at various competitions in IIT's and other colleges alike. This section is awaiting more talent in years to come. Their motto says it for them" Don't Worry, Just Be HAPPY ".

Dramatics Club
The seeds of this section were sown when one of the skits performed by some students in the institute's first year at IIT Roorkee became a hit. Within no time, they became one of the most active groups in the cultural council. Beginning with short skits, this group has matured to the point where they regularly put up hilarious yet sensible, full -fledged plays in both Hindi and English.

The unanimous appraisal and inspiration received after the dramas on Independence Day, Foundation Day etc. has greatly inspired the members to work towards new ideas. The maiden victory at IIT Ropar's cultural festival proved to be a testimony of their skill. A humorous self edited play In Splits presented by them during Exuberance was also a huge success. The section plans to further enhance the acting skills of its members and bring more professionalism to its performances. They also plan to go beyond entertainment and touch more sensitive issues of life. They will be participating in many more competitions as well, in order to bring out the best in them

Photography Club
IIT Mandi has a dedicated club for photography and related activities. The photography club is more like a hobby group bringing together the Institute's enthusiastic photographers. With regular photography tours in the belts of Himalayas, students expose themselves to an exciting and sometimes adventurous experience. Apart from getting involved in mainstream photographic activities, the club also helps in designing and editing college literature like magazines, technical newsletters, flexes etc.