Prakash Giri (August 2020)

(MTech student at IIT Mandi, Aug. 2018-July 2020, home country: Nepal)

I joined IIT Mandi for a Master of Technology in Mechanical Engineering. The high mountains and rivers surrounding the campus immediately made me feel at home. The friendliness and hospitality found in the local community of Mandi district was a beautiful experience.

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third from left

Akayou Adane (February 2020)

(3rd Year Software Engineering Student at Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia)

Easily one of the best months I had in my life. When I first came to IIT Mandi, I didn’t know what to expect. Will the students be friendly? Will the food taste good? Will I have a good time doing my internship? All of these questions lingered in my head until I got here. But after spending a day, I came to understand that the people are one of the kindest, the food one of the tastiest and the project one of the most fun. I immediately felt at home. 

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Surafel Kindu (February 2020)

(3rd Year Software Engineering Student at Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia)

My one month research internship in IIT Mandi is the experience I will always remember. IIT Mandi is a place that gives the impression of natural beauty and peacefulness as it is surrounded by mountains of Himalayas. It is a naturally stunning and beautiful place with very friendly and welcoming people.

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Khalid Mohammed (February 2020)

(3rd Year Software Engineering Student, at Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia)

My experience at IIT Mandi was an amazing and unforgettable one. From the day I came here everything was awesome.

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Katharina Mengel

Katharina Mengel (March 2018)

(B.Tech student, RWTH Aachen, Germany)

I was planning to do an exchange semester in India for a long time. While many of the old IIT’s have a better academical reputation and more classes to choose from, the IIT Mandi was the best choice for me.

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Primarily I choose it because of its location and coming here I realized that it was even more beautiful than expected. The nature surrounding the IIT is stunning and invites for long treks.

Furthermore, I was not disappointed by the academics. Classes are small, and everyone is friendly and easy to approach. That also includes the professors and the director.

I always felt welcome in this IIT and I am very thankful for the opportunity. I can definitely recommend coming to the IIT Mandi and doing an exchange semester.

Adrea Meraner

Adrea Meraner (July 2018)

(B.Tech TU Munich , Germany)

IIT Mandi, it's been such a pleasure! From the moment I first arrived in Mandi to the last goodbye, I always felt very welcomed in the campus community.

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The many friends I made among the students, and the faculty advisors are always happy to help, and one gets used to the campus life very soon. The campus is in an incredibly quiet place in the middle of green hills, in a perfect location for exploring the surroundings, but also to reach the amazing higher Himalayas as well as the buzzling big cities. The academic activities are very involving, with many labs and projects to directly put in practice the learned theory..

Even if the university is still small, the course offer is wide enough for everybody to find something of interest, comprising also some very good courses in the field of social sciences that are hardly found in European technical universities. Last but not least, the many engaging student clubs and festivals make sure you will enjoy every moment of your stay at IIT Mandi!


Johannes Lucke (August 2018)

(B.Tech , TU Munich , Germany)

My exchange semester at IIT Mandi was an amazing experience. The place is quite isolated in a calm and beautiful valley and people are very friendly and welcoming, so that I hannes Lucke immediately felt at home there.

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Classes are incredibly well organized with small student numbers and very capable staff. The professors were all very helpful and forthcoming in helping me arrange my course schedule and also whenever I faced a problem in a subject. On campus, you have a lot of sports facilities and various shops to grab food and drinks at about every time of the day. On weekends the surrounding area offers various possibilities for hiking and mountain bikes are also available for rent on campus. I am very thankful to everyone who made this unforgettable experience possible!


Julian Baumgärtel (June 2016)

(B.Tech student, TU Munich,Germany)

I was very excited to come to this place surrounded by nature and mountains and when I finally arrived almost everything was different than expected, but definitely not for the worse.

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The professors, students, faculties, guards, in short everyone gave me a heartfelt welcome in a way I never would have expected, so I was really grateful to came to this university for my exchange. Furthermore, the lectures and courses here at IIT Mandi provided an excellent teaching with small classes and close teacher-student interaction.

I can also recommend the practical projects; courses like the ISTP (interactive socio-technical practicum) are a unique feature from IIT Mandi that gave me an insight into the Indian culture and practical experience by developing a technical solution for an interesting and important topic: landslides and risk communication in Mandi district.

I can only recommend students to come to IIT Mandi for an exchange semester, particularly if you like a calm and cold environment. Also you will find one of the best teachings of all engineering universities in India since this college doesn't have such a high number of enrolled students compared to other IITs in India.


Zipporah Wanjiku (July 2016)

(PhD student, Universtiy of Nairobi, Kenya)

My name is Zipporah Wanjiku from Kenya. I am currently pursuing my PhD studies in Physics under a sandwich program between UoN, Kenya and IIT, Mandi, courtesy of OWSD.

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At IIT, Mandi, I found all that I was looking for academically. The state of the art research labs in this academic haven tucked in a picturesque environment, with the breathtaking view of the Himalayas in the background not to mention the knowledgeable and very helpful faculty made it possible for me to achieve quite a feat, well beyond my own expectations.

The warmth and the hospitality of IIT, Mandi community will remain etched in my memory. I thank God for granting me the opportunity to spend time and carry out research in this prestigious Institution.

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