Design Practicum

After graduating from IIT Mandi, you can aspire to design innovative solutions for society. Examples that have radically transformed our lives over the past few decades include the Tata Nano, the Google search engine, the Re. 1 shampoo sachet, the 1p/second phone call, the Green Revolution and many others.

Our curriculum is geared towards training innovative design engineers who will be responsible for the products that will become household words in years to come. Throughout the 4 years, you will spend substantial time in the labs and workshops getting hands on experience solving real-world problems. As part of the curriculum and on their own initiative, 1st and 2nd B.Tech. students have designed various products and solutions:

  • 1. Design and operation of the website

  • 2. Building a miniature robot-vehicle that drives itself along a winding road.

  • 3. Hi-tech shoe that charges a cell phone while walking.

  • 4. A low-cost drip irrigation system that controls the water flow based on the needs of different plants.

  • 5. An online portal for faculty to apply to IIT Mandi.
These are a sample of what you could do as a student of IIT Mandi. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and initiative!

Some Design Practicum Pics

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